This is my workshop, which I began in March of 2020 and have been updating and improving ever since.

When we bought the house in Tennessee, this was just a carport with a storeroom on the back (seen in some of the last pictures).  As part of our offer, we asked if the builder would lay a foundation and enclose it to make it a garage.  The first thing I did was seal the concrete with two coats of garage epoxy, then I started moving stuff in,  There was only a single 15A circuit that was run from the house to the garage to power the garage door and a single exterior outlet, so I installed a 60A sub-panel with three circuits to power lighting, outlets and the dust collection system.  I moved in my original workbench and cabinets from my last house, and started designing the setup for the rest of the shop.  It's only a single-car garage, so I had to be very efficient in the use of space.  I also had to put in a very good dust collection system, which is where I started (there is a separate project that covers this).  I then build a large work table in the center of the workshop that also acts as an out-feed table for the table saw, as well as a miter saw station with attached drill press station (there are also separate projects for these builds).  There's a stationary tool table, a scrap wood storage area, and many organization stations.

I continue to expand and redesign as I get into other projects, but I love this workshop.