Workshop - Work Table


This is the worktable I built for the workshop in March of 2020.

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but I designed this work table to be the centerpiece of the workshop.  It's heavy and solidly-built, with storage for small power tools on the right side, large power tools on the left side, and smaller misc items on the back.  There's also a shelf that runs along both sides just below the top to place tools while working on a project.  This keeps the top as clear as possible while working.  I used 3/4" melamine for the top because it's perfectly flat, the melamine coating is durable and cleans up very well (especially wood glue).  It's also cheap so replacing it when it gets banged up is easy and inexpensive.  Since it has melamine on both sides, I can just flip it over when one side gets banged up before having to replace it.  I've got fixed power running to the top and end of the table, and the dust collection is piped through the middle of the table to both sides (see more on that in the dust collection project).  The table was designed so the height of the top would line up with the top of the table saw so it could be used as an out-feed table.

This work table has been excellent and I wouldn't change anything with the design.  I may line the tool shelves with sheet metal over the particle board someday soon to help it stand up better to frequent use.