Workshop - Sandpaper Station


This is a project to build a sandpaper station to organize all the sandpaper I have in the workshop in April of 2020.

Before building this, my shop was drowning in sandpaper.  I use sandpaper all the time for just about everything, but finding the right stuff when I needed it was sometimes a challenge.  I built this to fit in an open area between two studs in the wall of my shop.  It's got two banks of small shelves, one for 4" velcro discs of varying grits for the orbital sander, and the other for 6" self adhesive discs for the disc sander.  I also made an area with a removable rod to hold rolls of sandpaper that I tear off to needed lengths using an old hacksaw blade attached beneath it.  I used PVC posts to store belts for the belt sander.

I still keep full sheets in a drawer, and since building this I also added a 1x30" and a 2x42" belt grinder for knife making, so I'm planning to add some more storage for those belts along the ceiling somewhere.