Workshop - Miter Saw Station


This is the miter saw station I built for the workshop back in March of 2020.

I wanted a miter station that was connected to the dust collection system and allowed a permanent place with enough room to cut long pieces of wood in an accurate and consistent way.  The table was designed to fit the Hercules 12" Dual Bevel miter saw that I purchased from Harbor Freight.  This has been an awesome saw and I was comfortable building the table around it.  The part of the table where the saw is installed is lower that the rest of the top to allow the material to sit evenly across the surface of the saw.  The left side of the table is near the garage door and the saw was positioned forward enough for the fence to sit in front of the side of the door so that if needed very long pieces could be placed on the table with excess length able to sit out of the door out into the driveway.  The right side of the table has a t-track and metal ruler tape inset to allow for a stop block to be secured in place to help in multiple, same-length cuts.  

For dust collection, I initially had a smaller dust catch installed (seen in the first set of photos) but recently upgraded the table to turn the entire area behind the saw into a large funnel to collect dust into the lower hose attachment.  The upper hose connects to the dust collection port on the back of the saw and is friction fit to allow it to be removed to clean the area around the saw.  There are two shields on either side of the saw that fit into groove in the table, but can be removed to swing the saw out to the sides for cutting steeper angles.

Underneath the saw is a compartment with a removable door to house a smaller 6-gal air compressor. The compartment is insulated on all sides to help dampen the noise when the compressor is running. Under the left side of the table is an open space that I use for storing various jigs. Under the right side of the table are four drawers for misc storage and an area for a large trashcan. The back of the right side of the table is here I recently built a battery charging station, drill/driver storage, and two shelves to store batteries and drill bits.