Welcome Signs


These were a couple of large welcome signs I built in May of 2018.

These are pretty common and I see them all of the place, but I decided to build them instead of buying them.  I made the blue one for my mother-in-law and the black one for us.  The build was pretty simple with three 4" rough boards screwed together with two shorter boards on the back.  Once together, I painted the boards with a thin coat of paint to ensure a lot of the wood texture showed through.  The hardest part of this project was printing and cutting out individual letters to use as stencils.  I used to have, and now again have, a vinyl cutter, which would have made this step much easier but I used what I had at the time and it still came out looking good.  I taped the letters to the boards and used white spray paint to create the letters.

Both of these signs have weathered well and are still on their respective porches.