Star Wars Posters


This was a project to create a unique way to display Star Wars posters in our movie room in April 2018.

Our movie room was actually very large and the wall that we had the TV on was long and was actually pretty difficult to keep it from looking bare.  I had decided to do a Star Wars theme for the room, and did this project right before the Han Solo in Carbonite project.  At the time, The Rise of Skywalker movie had not come out yet, so there were only eight movies in the series.  I actually had a couple of posters already, but purchased a new full set so they would all be the same size and quality.  I considered framing them, but that would be costly and I really wanted something that had more of a unique and futuristic look.  I had worked with the rigid pink insulation boards in creating Halloween props and thought it would work out well to mount the posters flat and allow some creativity for the edges.  I cut the boards to leave a 2" border around each poster, then taped out the area in the middle where the poster would be mounted.  Then I used spray paint around the exposed edges.  Spray paint eats away at the foam in a way that makes it kind of look like corroded metal.  Once that was done and dried, I went back over it with a dark metallic brush-on paint, let it dry, and then finished it off with a thin coat of glitter paint.  I really liked the result as it looked like some kind of "space-metal".  I then removed the taped up center section, and mounted the poster using spray adhesive.  The spray adhesive was sprayed to the back of the poster and then allowed to dry for a few minutes before aligning it and rolling it onto the foam to prevent it from eating away at the foam like the edges.  Once everything was all dry, I sprayed the entire thing with a satin clear coat to protect the surface of the poster and frame.  We also had two wall decorations that were shaped like large gears that I painted to match the poster frames, and mounted my Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker light sabers to.

I was very happy with the result, but unfortunately I lost my man cave when we moved to Tennessee, so I ended up selling the whole setup.