This is the pantry I built in December of 2019.

Our new house in Tennessee had a full laundry room down in the basement and a laundry closet on the main floor near the kitchen.  The kitchen did not have a dedicated pantry and we were going to use the downstairs laundry room for laundry so I converted the laundry closet into a pantry.  I moved the washer and drier down to the laundry room and then bought and assembled a sliding barn door for the soon-to-be pantry.  Then I drew up the design of the pantry and built it from 3/4" plywood with trim board to band the edges.  I built two large slide out drawers on the bottom two shelves to make getting to items on the lower shelves easier.  I used glue and pocket screws to assemble the shelves and then caulked and painted the whole thing to match our trim.  The opening on the left side is where we store mops and brooms and a step ladder.

Overall, I'm very happy with how it came out and it has held up over the last few years very well.