Office Desk


This is the desk I built for my home office in May of 2020.

Working from my home office, I wanted to ensure I had a fully functional dedicated workspace.  The room we chose to use as an office had a long wall to the right that was set in 42" from the door, forming a small corner but nothing I could fit a corner desk into so I decided to design and build my own desk.  I wanted it to have a lot of desktop space to be able to accommodate everything on my desk without feeling crowded, so I decided to make the top 8' long with 38" shelves along the right side in the corner.  I decided to use Hevea butcher block countertop sections that I found on sale at a flooring center.  I designed the bookshelf section to have a "zig zag" pattern with the right edge of the desk intersecting the shelves without being fully connected to them.  Each shelf has wood on one side with a pipe supporting the other side.  The pipe sections are 3" PVC pipes sanded and painted an antique bronze, and held in place by flush PAC caps screwed into position that the pipes fit over.  I finished the wood with a bluish slate stain and poly.

I added three wire grommets to the top to pass all the wires through the top and into wire management tracks under the desk.  I have everything plugged into a UPS/Surge Protector so that my everything stays protected and powered on even if the power goes out.  I also added an outlet that is powered off a generator and a CAT-6 outlet that allows a hardwired connection to my router (see more in the next project).  

The desk came out better than I had hoped.  It's secured to the wall on the back and side so it's very solid.  It makes the whole office look nice and professional.