Megan's Makeup Table


In this project, I designed and built a makeup/vanity table with a lighted mirror for Megan in August of 2017.

Megan sent me a photo of a makeup table she liked (seen in the second photo) and asked if I could make one similar to it, but in black to match her bedroom furniture.  For this project I thought I'd need more than hand-drawn plans, so I decided to learn how to use Sketchup to create 3D CAD drawings of the table and all it's parts.  I found a great series of instructional videos titled "Sketchup for Woodworkers" that got me up to speed quickly and allowed me to design the table and pull all of the dimensions for the build.  For this project I used 3/4" pine shelving boards.  I chose these boards because I didn't want to have to edge band plywood, and while it came out looking good and holding up well over the years, the boards did have a knotty appearance that I'm not a big fan of for painted furniture.  If I were to do it again, I'd use plywood and edge banding.  I cut and assembled the wood parts with glue and pocket screws, and built and installed the 6 drawers.  I built the mirror frame to fit a mirror I purchased, and wired and installed the lights from parts purchased at Lowes.  I wired the lights to a switch on the top of the table that was combined with an outlet for curling irons, blow driers, etc.  

Megan moved and no longer uses the table, but Tammy is using it right now in our master closet until I'm able to include a built-in one in my (planned) larger master closet project TBD.