Megan's Coffee Table


This is a coffee table I built for Megan in June of 2018.

Megan asked me if I could build her a farm-style coffee table and sent me a couple of pictures as a reference.  I went back to Sketchup to design the table and showed Megan who approved it.  The build was pretty easy and I used pine boards cut and glued up for the main body of the table and used interlocking boards I bought for the top because of the barn-style look of them.  The only problem in using them is that you can see the gaps on the edges of the ends of the top where the boards interlock.  I didn't anticipate it and noticed it once it was too late, but Megan said she didn't mind the look (I think she was just being nice).  Megan asked that it was a gray top on a black table so that's how I painted it.

Megan didn't use this in her new house, and I think she may have given it to a friend.