Mailbox Replacement


This was a project to replace our mailbox, completed in November of 2020.

The house came with a standard steel mailbox mounted to a standard wood post, but the lost wasn't anchored to the ground very securely and would move in the ground a little.  We also wanted something a little fancier with our address on it, so I designed a whole new replacement utilizing the original mailbox.  I built the new post myself with pressure treated 4x4 posts, notched out to be glued and screwed together to form the cross with the horizontal ends beveled.  Then I added some 3/4" boards to make it thicker around the base, with some trim at the top to make the transition.  I cut and routed a board for the address and purchased some brushed nickel numbers.  I primed and painted everything black, hung the sign from the bottom of the horizontal part of the post with some chain, and capped the top with a solar powered light.

I have to say I am extremely happy with how the mailbox came out!