Laundry Room Shelves


These were laundry room shelves I purchased/upgraded in December of 2019.

We wanted storage space for our new laundry room in Tennessee, but wanted something that looked a little industrial but also had a little more quality.  We decided to buy these wire steel shelves powder coated in black, but then to add the wood pieces to the shelves to make them a little more suer friendly and have a higher quality appearance.  I used 1/2" sandi-ply and banded the edges.  We decided to stain them but I knew that the majority of the face of the shelves would be under boxes and other items, so I went with the cheaper sandi-ply rather than a birch or maple vernier.  I ended up having to cut circles into the corners of each piece to get them to fit nicely around the legs of the shelves.  The smaller shelves have the grain going in the long direction on their boards while the larger shelves have the grain going across in the shorter direction.  I did this to get more pieces out of a sheet of plywood, and again, I knew would be mostly covered up which it is.  I attached each board to the shelf with screws on the bottom.

Overall, I'm very happy with the shelves and expect them to last for years.