Laundry Room Counter


This was the laundry room countertop, along with two smaller shelves and a cabinet, that I built in April of 2020.

We needed a counter over the washer and drier in our laundry room, and I had a bunch of spare 2x4 pine cutoffs from other projects, so I decided to use them to build the countertop.  I jointed and edge glued the boards together and then glued and screwed them on top of a 3/4" piece of plywood fro strength.  I used another full length pine board along the front to dress the exposed edge.  The top is bolted to the wall around the back and left sides and there's a table leg attached to the front left side for support.  I used a wire wheel to grind into the surface of the pine which eats away the softer grain and gives the wood more depth that plain pine does when you stain it.  I like the look and it also allows the stain to penetrate more evenly.  The two smaller shelves were done the same way.

I purchased a cabinet from Lowes and painted it the same color as the table leg to mount on the wall.  One of the smaller shelves attaches to the right side of the cabinet, and I installed a rod on the left side to hang clothes.  The other shelf was installed on the cutout in the wall to the left.