Lacey's Table


This is the table I built for Lacey for her house at college in June of 2017.

She had sent me a picture of what she wanted it to look like (seen in the second picture), and said she wanted it to be a very light, natural stain.  She only wanted the table and a bench on one side and was planning to use existing chairs for the rest of the seating.  So I drew up plans for the table and a single bench, and built it out of 2x6 and 2x4 pine lumber.  I built it so that the table detached from the legs, with a cross bar along the bottom that also detached.  Aside from the detachment bolts, the table was glued together with hidden screws joining the areas that needed additional strength.

A few years later, she asked me to fix a small crack on the top and asked that I re-stain it a darker color.  I decided to give the table and bench some added depth by digging into the grain using a wire wheel on a drill.  This added some texture and caused more contrast in the darker stain (seen in the last two pictures).

The table is still in use in Lacey's dinging room today.