Lacey's Sword Display


This was a quick project Lacey and I did together to build a sword display for the Navy Officer's sword I gave her for her commissioning in May of 2020.

We picked up a 1x12" board of red oak and a 1" red oak dowel for this project.  We cut the board to length, routed a chamfer along the edge, and then sanded, stained and clear coated it.  We cut the dowels into 3" sections and then drilled a small hole in one end of each dowel.  We screwed in a small bolt and chucked it into the drill press and sanded the end of each dowel to round them off.  Then we routed a slot into the top of each dowel to hold the sword and scabbard.  We sanded, stained and clear coated each one and then screwed each dowel into the board.

It was simple project but it turned out great and makes the sword look awesome up on the wall.