Grill Table


This was first grill table I built for our Weber charcoal kettle grill in July of 2017.

We like grilling on charcoal much more than gas, so the classic Weber kettle charcoal grill has been our go-to grill for a long time.  The only problem is that there isn't anything built in to set down plates or trays, or anywhere to store needed supplies and accessories.  So I decided to build a table for the Weber to fit into.  

I built the table out of 2x4 pine lumber with the edges ripped for sharp corners.  I used the trimmed off edges for the tops of the bottom shelves.  I joined most of the table with pocket screws and wood glue.  I carved out channels on either side of the grill and used the side handles of the Weber to fit into them to hold the grill in place under the top.  This held the grill surprisingly well.  After gluing up the top, I cut a circle for the grill to leave about an inch spacing to protect from heat.  I added a bracket to the left side to hold the lid and some hooks to the front for utensils.  I designed the shelves to fit a couple of plastic trashcans (one for charcoal and the other for trash) and a plastic bin I had purchased.  I also added wheels to one side to make it easier to move around (it was very heavy).

Overall, I was pretty happy with the build.  I decided to scrap this one and build a new one when we moved to Tennessee for a couple of reasons.  First, the table was too long and only the largest cover I could find online would fit over it, and even then I had to stretch it pretty hard over the corners.  Secondly, the top was still exposed to heat from the grill and the wood on the thin left side of the grill would heat up and crack.  I'd fix it, but then it would just crack in another spot in the same area.  So I came up with a redesign and built a new one in Tennessee.  You can see the new and improved grill table here.