Grill Table Upgrade


This was a project to build a new and improved grill table since the one I built in Charlotte was taken apart and scrapped when we moved to TN.  This project was completed in July of 2020.

I found a photo of a grill table online that I liked a lot so I used that photo to design this one, which was almost identical.  I drew out the design, cut all the pieces, routed, sanded, finished and sealed them.  Then I assembled the table and installed the grill.  The grill itself is attached to the table with the handles like the first table, but additional supports were added using 8 carriage bolts at all four corners.  I also added a lid hinge and heat resistant handle to the lid so it could be lifted up and down without having to store it to the side.

Instead of gluing up the top like on the first table, I decided to mount the boards to the top like deck boards, leaving a small gap between each one to allow for the expansion and contraction of the wood which prevents splitting and cupping that I saw in the last table.  I also made this table a little shorter to be able to use covers that are more readily available.

The table is absolutely beautiful and has held up incredibly well over the last few years.