Bathroom Shelves


This was a project to install shallow shelves for toiletry items into the wall of our master bathroom in July of 2020.

Our house was designed to have the master bedroom up on the third floor, but we use that as the guest bedroom and utilize our entire basement as the master suite.  The walkout basement has a large main space with a small hallway that leads to a bedroom, a laundry room, and a bathroom.  The bathroom was not intended to be a master bath, so it doesn't have as much storage as we'd like it to have so I completed this project to add more useable storage against the wall near the sink.

I built in two shelves, one shorter one along the side of the sink, and a larger one that is behind the door when open.  The shorter one is a little less that the depth of the sink at about 19" wide, so I cut out the drywall where the shelf would go and cut out the stud that went down the middle and reframed it with 2x4's and pocket screws.  The longer shelf I built to fit directly between two studs.  I built the shelves out of 1x4 pine boards and painted white to match the trim.  I installed the shelves and secured them to the studs, patched the screws and sealed the gaps with silicone.  

Overall, the shelves came out great and provide the perfect amount of storage for the bathroom.